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Is It Advisable to Blog Frequently? We Discovered An Effective Blogging Frequency

Do you find yourself regularly brooding about blog-related questions, together with how many blogs per month for search engine optimization? You’re not on my own. There is no golden rule, however there are set practices to locate the excellent healthy for you, and we are able to illustrate how.

Blogging frequency is a commonplace battle for brand spanking new bloggers and skilled bloggers alike. With so many factors to recollect, which includes search engine optimization and emblem consciousness, it’s truly an essential factor to have planned out.

In this submit, we’ll discover the running a blog frequency we discovered that works for one specific enterprise. We’ll show you the way we drew this end and how you may do the same for yours.


Why Is Blogging Frequency Important?
Blogging frequency is how often you post weblog posts on a weekly or month-to-month foundation.

There are some of blessings to finding your perfect blogging frequency.


First and essential, blog posts permit you to rank for organic keywords. These are wanted for driving natural visitors on your website online.

A regularly up to date blog also increases logo recognition. The more you publish about your enterprise, the greater aware of your net presence, your merchandise, and your offerings your target market turns into.


Blogging can help your commercial enterprise construct trust inside the network. Posting relevant content about your industry and frequently updating it’ll help bring consider and authority in your target market. They might be much more likely to transform on your website online as opposed to a competitor that not often updates their content or posts blogs.

For more realistic reasons, a blog submit frequency lets you set a popular for your self or your content material writing team. Without a frequency in mind, you may constantly awareness on writing weblog posts at the expense of different activities. This extends to adjoining teams too, like social media and layout, who might greatly gain from a recognized frequency that allows you to prioritize their tasks.

So a weblog put up frequency gives you each an higher and lower restrict, which means you may spend greater time and money focusing on other components of your business.

Are You Blogging Too Often?
In addition to asking how frequently do you want to weblog, it’s no longer uncommon to invite what happens while you weblog too regularly? Or, is that even possible?

Perhaps you’re wondering the greater, the better. As you’ll see inside the analysis beneath, it’s no longer quite that easy.


You may want to submit daily on your blog. Hourly, even. Will or not it’s your satisfactory content material, although? Remember that fine is better than quantity in nearly all instances. By posting too frequently, you’ll be sacrificing the first-class of your content which itself could have a poor effect for your emblem.

What We Learned From Our Data about Blogging Frequency
For this analysis, we’re evaluating eight corporations within the CBD enterprise. To discover what number of blog posts they submit consistent with month, we looked at their submit sitemaps and calculated the average variety of posts according to month when you consider that January 2022.

We checked out some metrics while measuring their achievement.


helpliftsociety | kindnessportal | freshsanities |medicpatrons |wellhealthsite | healthyimplies

First, we checked out the overall keyword universe, meaning we analyzed the full quantity of key phrases the weblog ranks for on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). To drill down similarly, we additionally looked at the wide variety of these key phrases which ranked within the top 10 consequences, or on the primary web page. Finally, we in comparison the quantity of organic keywords each business ranked for within the top 3 outcomes. These are the maximum coveted positions.


The greater your range of natural key phrases, the farther your attain. While it’s no longer the most effective metric to don’t forget while measuring success, it is a great indicator of such.

RoyalCBD.Com: A High Post Frequency Example

With the best put up frequency on our list, RoyalCBD.Com boasts a median of 18 weblog posts in step with month. This appears to have paid off, with 24,351 natural keywords driving site visitors to the website.

More critical than natural visitors, however, is the exceptional of that traffic. RoyalCBD seems to boast high numbers there, too. The internet site has five,603 keywords ranking inside the pinnacle 10 and a pair of,920 key phrases rating inside the pinnacle one via three positions on SERPs.



The subsequent on our listing, JoyOrganics.Com, also occurs to be the site with the second one-maximum posting frequency that we analyzed. That is, 17 posts according to month on average from January 2022 thru June 2022.

This is probably a contributing issue for the alternatively excessive variety of organic key phrases – 17,103 to be actual – riding traffic to the website. Of those key phrases, 1,679 rank in the top 10 and 511 rank within positions one through 3 on SERPs.

CBDfx.Com: Is One Post Per Month Enough?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there may be CBDfx.Com, with a running a blog frequency of about one publish consistent with month.

Before you observed CBDfx.Com is an anomaly, you have to understand they’ve refreshed 155 weblog posts on their site in June 2022 on my own. This approach they optimized present posts to fulfill current search engine marketing requirements. So at the same time as their posting frequency is low, the refreshed content material is likely gambling a huge role of their natural key-word ratings.


CBDfx.Com has 18,023 natural key phrases with 2,576 rating in the pinnacle 10 and 984 ranking within the top three positions on SERPs.

The takeaway here is that refreshed content material may be just as important as new content material for ratings.



While we to start with checked out submit frequency from January 2022 via June 2022, there are some websites that have not begun to submit in 2022. This consists of HempFusion.Com. In the ones cases, we appeared again at July 2021 via December 2021.

From July thru December 2021, there has been a mean of 7 weblog posts in step with month. Despite not posting in 2022, this earlier frequency appears to have furnished some safety for HempFusion.Com on SERPs. It presently has 2,827 organic key phrases, with 391 rating on the first web page and 201 rating in positions one through 3.



Here’s every other web site and not using a blog posts in 2022. From July through December 2021, though, MedterraCBD published a median of five weblog posts per month.

You might be questioning that definitely MedterraCBD.Com will have fewer organic keyword ratings than HempFusion.Com. MedterraCBD.Com clearly has appreciably more. To be unique, 7,435 natural key phrases with 840 rating inside the pinnacle 10 and 486 ranking in the top three.

There are some motives for this. Foremost, MedterraCBD.Com has ranked since the center of 2017 at the same time as HempFusion.Com handiest started out ranking round January 2020. MedterraCBD.Com has also seen better common ratings standard, so it’s probable to look the consequences of not posting much less substantially.


With 14 posts in step with month, in reality JustCBDStore.Com has a considerable range of organic keywords.


Surprisingly, this web page has handiest eight,680 organic keywords. Of those, 1,615 rank inside the top 10, and 776 rank inside the top three on SERPs. That’s near the websites like HempFusion.Com and MedterraCBD.Com that didn’t publish in any respect in 2022!

We realize it’s no longer the posts in keeping with month responsible for that low of natural keywords. So the solution is likely in a thing we’ve now not considered, together with the age of the internet site or social media presence.

Purekana.Com: Moderate Number of Posts Per Month

Another on our listing with a slight quantity of posts per month, Purekana.Com has a month-to-month blogging frequency of about thirteen.

Similar to JustCBDStore.Com, Purekana.Com has a small organic keyword profile with 7,126 natural keywords. Of those, 983 rank on the primary page of SERPs, and 414 rank inside the pinnacle 3.



Here’s any other anomaly, even though taking place within the opposite direction of what we noticed above.

CbdMD.Com posts a median of 13 blog posts consistent with month. Despite this center-of-the-street variety of weblog posts, it has the most organic key phrases on our list with 37,784. This consists of 5,924 keywords ranking inside the pinnacle 10 and 2,154 key phrases ranking within the top 3.

But How Often Should I Blog?
To recap our findings, we analyzed 8 CBD websites with the goal of pinpointing the surest variety of weblog posts according to month for the industry. Here is what we located:

cbdMD.Com has the largest wide variety of organic key phrases. When you recollect its modest area authority and medium-sized oneway link profile, it becomes clean that the range of blog posts is the driving element for its fulfillment.


Why is that this now not the case for JustCBDStore.Com and Purekana.Com, each of which additionally submit about thirteen blog posts consistent with month? There are a whole lot of other variables at play, together with goal keywords, period of the average blog publish, and social media presence.

What does this suggest for you?


Our research indicates that for this enterprise, 13 blog posts according to month is a superb balance among quantity and first-class. These need to be focused on properly-researched topics with at the least one or target key phrases. This need to further be accompanied by means of enough guide from your move-purposeful teams. This manner social media merchandising of the posts and digital belongings from your layout crew a minimum of. 13 a month turned into a number of that allowed the websites we mention above to strike that balance.

In addition, blog submit refreshes ought to also have an area to your content material writing strategy. There’s no magic range of refreshes to put in force right here. It’s extra so approximately updating older posts that may not fit in with the most current SEO suggestions. This also offers you an opportunity to enhance your internal linking.

Finding the Ideal Blog Post Frequency for You
The running a blog frequency we observed to be ideal for the CBD enterprise may also or might not be ideal for your enterprise. So how can you find the best blog submit frequency in your enterprise and, even greater crucial, your weblog?


The satisfactory way to do so is with an analysis of a sample of blogs within your industry like we performed above. You can easily do that with get right of entry to to XML sitemaps and an search engine marketing evaluation tool like Ahrefs or, of route, Ubersuggest.

What does this appear to be?

Find ten to fifteen competitors with blogs to your enterprise to assess.
Locate the sitemap for every of those websites.
Take observe of the way often every site posts inside a delegated term. We advocate searching at the remaining six months if possible.
With the average wide variety of posts in line with month for each site, you can now use an search engine marketing evaluation tool for a fuller understanding of that site’s search engine optimization profile. Look specifically at the variety of natural keywords and the range of key phrases rating in the top ten.
With this information blended, you may determine which submit frequency correlates to the highest quantity of organic key phrases to your enterprise.
While natural key-word profile isn’t the best indicator of a stable posting frequency, it’s one that appears to correlate exceedingly. So do take other factors into attention if something stands proud, however don’t overcomplicate it.


Here are the solutions to often asked questions about the situation of running a blog frequency.

How many blogs have to you submit per week?
The solution isn’t so cut and dry as we’ve highlighted above. Once you have got discovered your best blog post frequency for the month, it’s nice to interrupt it down into weekly goals.

How regularly do most bloggers put up?
In our facts, we saw submit frequencies anywhere from as soon as a month to almost 20. The answer goes to differ based at the purchaser’s enterprise as well as the capacity of their content group, though it’s essential no longer to compromise excellent for cadence.


Does it hurt my content material advertising to blog greater or much less than my competition?
While competitor research can offer an awesome idea for the range of weblog posts to jot down every month, it’s no longer the be-all-quit-all. You should additionally remember what number of high-quality posts you can write and whether you absolutely have some thing beneficial to say.

How can I locate creative blog ideas?
There are plenty of methods to find innovative weblog ideas in your weblog. You can research your competition using Ubersuggest, find key-word ideas in Google Search Console, and or maybe use a weblog concept generator.

What makes a excellent weblog submit?
This can be a piece of writing topic all its own, as there is lots that goes into satisfactory weblog writing. A few factors of a satisfactory weblog publish include a compelling headline, a slender cognizance, and a unique emblem voice.


When it comes to determining the ideal blogging frequency in your website, there’s no magic quantity. There are many factors that play into that selection.

So how can you decide the quality frequency on your blog?


The key is to observe other blogs in your enterprise and examine their posting frequency to their organic keyword profile. You’re looking for a strong organic keyword profile – the highest number of applicable page one keywords within the enterprise – for a clue as to how many posts in line with month are ideal to your blog.
Remember, though, that first-class is just as important (if now not more so) as amount. So preserve a frequency that nears an appropriate frequency on your enterprise however that also allows you to maintain a high content material pleasant.

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