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How to Write Blog Posts with SEO in Mind Ten Times Faster

By now you’re acquainted with GhatGPT and all the different AI gear accessible that assist you produce content.

None of them are best and could be for some time, that’s why you still want people to alter the content to make them more specific.

But even in case you alter the content material there may be one big trouble…

AI writers don’t without a doubt have SEO in thoughts once they assist you craft content. Some say they do, but they aren’t truly the use of records like search extent or keyword difficulty when crafting content material.

That’s why we’ve got the Ubersuggest AI Writer.

Introducing the AI Writer 2.0 by way of Ubersuggest
We’ve had an AI author for some time now that specializes in SEO, however much like some thing else it could constantly be better.

Before I go into how you may use the new AI Writer to create search engine marketing-pleasant content material, let me spoil down the variations between our 1.0 version and our 2.0 model.

Longer content duration – the unique AI author used to create content material that changed into as much as six hundred or so words. The new AI creator creates content this is up to 1,500 words.

Better title recommendations – you’ll get punchier, extra diverse, and click on-worthy identify suggestions.
Better studying flow and content material shape – the previous model tended to supply greater synthetic-sounding content material, but the AI Writer 2.Zero presents more kind of tone and structure in content material.

Better heading hints – the heading suggestions create a studying flow that makes it greater compelling for customers to study your content from begin to finish, with a logical drift and search engine marketing-rich headings that consist of other secondary keywords that you could want to goal to your content.

More languages – We used to aid 7 languages. Now we aid 63 languages.
Focused on SEO – AI Writer 2.Zero is designed to create content material that performs properly on search engines like google and yahoo, especially Google. This function will help customers to pressure greater organic visitors to their websites. We also attempt to preserve customers in thoughts whilst generating the content material as nicely.

So, let’s go over how the AI creator works.

Ubersuggest AI Writer
The first step is which will go here. You should see a display screen like this.

Type in a key-word or word you want to create content on and choose the quality of the writing you need… do you need it to be exact or “premium”.

From there you will get a listing of name thoughts.

If you aren’t happy with any of them you can click the “regenerate all” hyperlink and you will get new thoughts. Or if you like them, but need more, simply click on “write extra titles”.

For me, I changed into satisfied with what I turned into shown, so I just decided on the identify on personalization as I concept it might be a good topic.

Once you pick out a title, it then creates a paragraph to explain what the thing will be about. So ensure you select the maximum suitable one which describes the route you want to take with the content material.

You also can adjust the paragraph as properly if you want to feature or take away whatever.


It’s critical you do that before you continue as it will impact how the thing is written by our AI author.

Then you’ll see a list of capability headings.

One component to note is that the AI Writer will create content based on the headings, so feel unfastened and either pick out the group of headings which you just like the maximum and in case you need you could additionally regulate any of them.

Before the Ubersuggest AI Writer creates the content, it continues keywords pinnacle of thoughts in addition to search quantity and opposition.

This manner you aren’t simply growing content, you’re developing content which can pressure site visitors.

Here’s an example of a completed article:

Don’t rely on absolutely everyone’s AI author
It doesn’t depend who’s AI author you operate, you’ll want to modify the content.

The Ubersuggest AI Writer is a terrific starting point, however you’ll need to feature your personal flare and details to the content material.

Google talks about experience, know-how, authority, and trust (E-E-A-T) and how your content material desires to have some of those elements to absolutely make it stand out.

Modify your content to encompass the ones elements. I smash down E-E-A-T right here and how you can use the framework within your content to stand out and rank higher.


If you haven’t, take a look at out the Ubersuggest AI Writer.

It will prevent time, and help you create content that generates extra site visitors from seek.

But preserve in mind you’ll still want to regulate the content to have the E-E-A-T elements. Anything that you may upload that no person else is speaking about will genuinely help your content stand out.

That’s the key to writing excellent content material. People need to listen new, fresh stuff… for this reason you want to alter your content material.

So, provide the Ubersuggest AI Writer a attempt. It’s free to all users and you can create up to five content material pieces each day with out a paid subscription.


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